Alan's Projects

On this page I plan to put information on projects that I have worked on or am currently working on.


I'm working on the data link for a weather station which may one day be installed at the University of Michigan Sailing Club. The idea is to install a new, calibrated anemometer on the dock along with a solar powered radio transmitter sending telemetry back to a computer in the club house. Information such as wind speed, wind direction, and temperature will be made available via a phone answering service provided by the computer.

Tesla coil

Some pictures and details about my Telsa coil as well as Telsa coil links.

Coded aperture imaging

This is a general technique used by many x-ray and gamma ray imaging systems. I did some research into this one summer as part of the NASA Space Grant summer research program.


My first foray into automated theorem proving. This was a final project for "Introduction to Artificial Intellegence" at the University of Washington.

SoloBot the mouse

A small robot I built for "Digital System Design" the capstone course for Computer Engineering at the University of Washington. Like the classic mouse in the maze experiment, our robots were supposed to find there way through a maze as quickly as possible.