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Alan Wilson's Photography Collection

My Photos

Here are a few of my photographs, many are black and white. I have many more images (most of these in color) scattered about my hiking pages. Unfortunately these images don't include any I have taken with my Rolleiflex. Hopefully I will get a few scanned in the near future.

If you are still yearning for more then you should look through my personal signature page which has a few snapshots on it. Nothing too breathtaking, don't get your hopes up.

My early photos were taken with two different cheap cassette film cameras (I don't remember the brand or models) which I have since lost. One of them, which took a narrower film, was an prize for reading more than any other student in my school during 4th grade. When I became interested in developing my own, my Dad lent me an old 35mm Minolta rangefinder. It was fairly compact, and very quiet. By high school I was using my Dad's Nikon F. I used that for a photography class and frequently took it hiking.

A couple years into college I decided I wanted a camera of my own that I could carry everywhere. As much as I love the well built Nikon, it was a too large and heavy for carrying around in my backpack every day. I researched new and used rangefinders and eventually decided on the Ricoh GR-1, which is one of the smallest 35mm cameras around, has an excellent lens, and offers features like aperture priority and exposure compensation. The GR-1 has served me extremely well over the years.

Recently I began thinking about getting another camera. I would like to have digital camera, but they seem a bit pricey still. Hopefully that will change soon. What I had really always wanted was to move up in format. I had used medium format just a tiny bit in high school and knew I wanted to shoot 6x6. I like the square format and it is the largest that our B/W Besler enlarger can handle. I still wanted a camera that was fairly compact and had a super lens. This lead me to a Rolleiflex TLR. I bought a 2.8E3 Planar 12/24 in August 2000 and love it so far.

About a half year after purchasing the Rollei I aquired orange and polarizing filters, as well as a closeup lens set from a fellow user of I use all of these a fair amount. Using a polarizing filter on a TLR is a bit of a pain, but that is still the filter I use most. I also purcased the Nova 1 bag from Lowepro, which perfectly holds both of my cameras, my new lightmeter (mentioned below), all my accessories (filters, cable release, extra batteries), and some extra film.

In the spring of 2001 I filled out my Rollei system with a Gossen Starlight lightmeter, Bogen 3205GN tripod legs, and a Linhof Pro Ball I head. I also spent some time this summer creating accessories for my camera and tripod. These include a vecro strap to hold the tripod legs together while I carry it and a padded, waterproof cover for my Rollei while I carry it on the tripod.

Alan with camera

Alan with his Rollieflex and old tripod

General Photography Information

For more information about photography, a great place to start is

My favorite site for digital camera informations is Digital Photography Review, though there are a few other very good sites.

I have ordered a number of things, including my Ricoh GR-1 (not sold in the US anymore, though new versions are available in the UK, at Robert White for example), tripod, and lightmeter from B & H Photo. I purchased my Rolleiflex on eBay for a good price after a lot of looking. Since I'm from Washington I should point to Glazer's in Seattle.

For film, chemistry, or photographic paper information you might want to visit Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Ilford, and Polaroid. The big names in equipment are Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax, Ricoh, Fuji, Mamiya, Contax, Hasselblad, and Tamron/Bronica.

I find the photography news groups helpful at times. For specific questions Google, which has aquired the Deja usenet archive, is probably the best place to start.