Greenwater River

River crossing just downstream of the Greenwater Lakes

The Great Outdoors

Information Alan has collected about outdoor activities, mainly camping and hiking.

My Hiking

I have reviews and details for some of the hikes that I have taken in the Northwest United States, mainly those within a moderate drive of the Seattle/Tacoma area. Right now I'm in the process of cleaning them up and reorganizing. Hopefully they will be available soon. Many of these hikes include my photography. Unfortunately the scans vary in quality depending on their age. I will soon be adding new photos and rescanning the old ones.

For now you can read all about my trip down the Pukaskwa Coastal Hiking Trail. This is a trail on the north shore of Lake Superior in the Canadian National Park of Pukaskwa. This page does not yet include photos.

Soon I will also have some pages devoted to my trip to Glacier National Park in Montana.

I haven't been on as many hikes as I would like in the last few years. Most of the year I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan which is painfully dull in comparison to Washington State. Thankfully I do get back to Washington for a couple months each year. But even then it can be hard to find a friend to go hiking with me :(

Other Information on Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Web Pages

This is not meant to be comprehensive, just some links to a variety of sources many of which have fairly well developed lists of there own.


You can search old newsgroup postings at Google Groups. (Google bought up the very comprehensive DejaNews archive.)