NASA_Chat Online Album


I have scanned in a number of pictures from various events to form a NASA_Chat online album. Eventually all the pictures will be accompanied by a bit of narration or a little captioning.

If you have anything to add or correct, please let me know. If you have images to contribute please let me know. I can scan just about anything, but original media such as slides or negatives is usually best. Many of the captions need improvement so I would love it if you come up with more useful or entertaining wording.


We now have reasonably up to date statistics for the mailing list. One page lists the total number of messages per month, and the second page lists the total number of messages per person. Other types of statistical reports are possible, but this is what I have for now. I plan to update these every few months.

Camping Trips

Camping trips have become an annual tradition. We usually go spring break, but we have also been known to take a trip at the end of the year. We take a van or two and wander off to somewhere, often times near the ocean, and pitch tents. The trip usually lasts a couple days. Our past trips are listed below.

Other Events

We also schedule other extraneous events, which I sometimes get photographs of. This includes a smattering of random trouble making, odd activities, and inspired moments. Those caught on film are listed below.


These are pages devoted to things we have done on our own, far from the comfort and safety of our nasa_chat buddies.


Artwork on display, created by and/or starring us nasa_chat folks.


I would like to include a list of people's homepages here. If you have a homepage please let me know. I will scour the net as necessary, so you better not try to hide! Who I have caught so far:

Marilee Glenn
Dan McCrumb
Sarah Nielson
Cathy Plesko
Clare Steedman
Sasha Tavenner
Tanya Tavenner
Alan Wilson
Lee Zeman
More to come...


NASA_Chat (officially tahc_asan, the NASA_Chat Underground) is a very informal email list setup by NASA Space Grant scholarship recipients at the University of Washington devoted to the discussion of just about anything. The NASA_Chat community has grown to become a very strong social group of friends who interact a lot both on and off-line. Many are not associated directly with Space Grant, but because of the high Space Grant content and the yearly recruiting pool we continue to think of ourselves as "the Space Grant group." Not everyone in the social circle is on NASA_Chat but it remains an important means of communication between friends, especially for those who have moved on to bigger and better things, such as graduate school.


All pictures were taken by Alan Wilson unless otherwise noted. Those authorized to access these pages are welcome to use these images for well-meaning, non-commericial purposes. The supporting documents including text and captioning are also the creation of Alan Wilson. I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks to all who allowed themselves to be photographed, and thanks also to those who put up a good fight; it was fun. :)